Types Of Sedation For Dental Work

Sedation Dentistry in Allen, Texas

Sedation dentistry is useful to those receiving treatment that is surgical or invasive in nature. It is also beneficial to those who suffer from dental phobias and anxiety. Our practice strives to provide a worry-free and relaxing environment for all of our patients – no matter the type of treatment they require. Dental phobias and fears can become so severe that they prevent patients from receiving the oral healthcare they need and deserve. Our practice takes a compassionate approach to handling issues with anxiety. With sedation, we can maximize comfort and help our guests establish positive associations with treatment.

Types of Sedation

A few types of sedation are commonplace in a dental practice. The first is laughing gas. This gas has been used for longer than a century in medical settings. It works as a fast-acting yet mild anesthetic. Laughing gas is administered through the nose via a soft mask, and it produces a calming effect. While laughing gas is effective at relieving mild anxiety, its effects do wear off quickly, which allows our patients to drive home after treatment.

Another option for more complex and lengthy treatment is IV sedation. Administered by an anesthesiologist, this form of sedation is beneficial when stillness during treatment is required so that our doctor can work without obstruction. IV sedation allows our guests to rest comfortably during their procedure. Those receiving sedatives intravenously must also arrange for transportation to and from our office since the medications used will impair motor function.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

An obvious benefit of sedation is an increase in comfort during treatment for those with anxiety and for those requiring more invasive procedures. In addition to promoting a worry-free experience, sedation can help those who suffer from phobias develop familiarity and comfort in our practice while receiving the care they require in a safe and compassionate environment

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