Follow These Tips to Maintain Your Cosmetic Dental Work

You have invested time and money in a smile makeover so you need to do everything possible to maximize the positive changes you have made in your appearance. Your cosmetc dentist did the work, and now you need to maintain the magic.

Teeth Whitening

This cosmetic process is economical and effective providing a not so subtle improvement in your appearance. Drab, discolored, or stained dentition can undergo a significant change lightening teeth several shades. Once you have whitened your teeth, there are several things you can do to prolong the effects of teeth whitening:

Know what causes stain – There are many beverages and foods that are more likely to stain dentition such as big offenders like cola, tea, coffee, and red wine.

Foods – Many berries, tomato based foods and sauces, dark sauces like soy, and products that contain certain food dyes can stain your teeth.

Tobacco Use – Smoking or chewing both can promote dental stain.

Brushing right after consumption is not always the best idea … certain foods and beverages can soften dental enamel. Immediate brushing can damage enamel. You are better off rinsing and follow up with brushing later. Touch up whitening kits are available as needed.

Deep intrinsic stain may not be addressed with whitening. Porcelain veneers are available to treat stain, uneven or misshapen teeth, chipped enamel, or unwanted gaps between teeth. Veneers are very thin tooth colored shells that are made to match teeth that do not require treatment. Veneers will ultimately be cemented to the front of damaged teeth.

Veneers are not just a cosmetic enhancement. They will provide a permanent correction that will actually strengthen treated teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from teeth so when the veneers are cemented in place, your smile will be perfectly symmetrical. Caring for teeth covered with veneers is very simple. You will brush and floss as usual; regular dental visits will be needed to have teeth cleaned and veneers inspected to make sure teeth under veneers remain healthy.

Do not bite your nails or use veneer treated teeth to bite into hard or crunchy foods.

Your cosmetic dentist has many options available to enhance your oral health and appearance, and give your self esteem a boost. A consultation will identify what is available that will work with your budget and timeline, so call our office today to set one up!