Common Questions About Dentures

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photodune-2686053-frequently-asked-question-faq-xs-300x200Dentures are an ideal solution for lost or missing dentition. A few missing teeth require a partial denture; an entire arch means placing a complete denture. There are different ways to afix a denture; a consultation with your dentist will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for you. Some questions you may have include:

Are dentures hard to take care of?

If the patient has opted for an implant-supported denture (one that is permanently attached via dental implants), normal care including brushing and flossing is required. If the dentures are removable, there will be a little more work involved. Different tools are needed to clean the denture – never use a standard toothbrush and toothpaste as they are too abrasive and can scratch your dentures. 

Establish a specific place to work with your dentures – work over a towel; if dropped you want them to have a soft landing so as not to break. Use a brush and denture cleaner; and store dentures in a container designed to keep them moist. A denture soak will help to keep them looking their best and help prevent odor. 

Are dentures uncomfortable?

Mild discomfort may accompany dentures during the adjustment period, but if it persists an adjustment may be needed. Return to your dentist – never attempt to tweak your denture on your own. 

How long will it take to adjust to my dentures?  

Eating and speaking with dentures may feel different at first. Very often additional saliva is produced while you’re adjusting to your dentures. Practice speaking in front of a mirror; cut soft foods into small, manageable bites. If you’re still struggling after a week, address your concerns with your dentist.

Will my dentures ever need to be replaced?

The life span for dentures is different for everyone, but dentures are generally designed to last for many years. Relining dentures if they become ill fitting may prolong their life.

Missing teeth can impact the ability to chew, speak, and can discourage you from smiling or laughing. You can realize renewed self-confidence and enjoy all the benefits afforded by having your teeth restored with dentures. Contact our team at Allen Dental Center today to schedule a consultation.