Good Dental Health Starts Early

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Your child’s teeth begin to form while still in the womb. Once your infant is born, your responsibility to care for your child’s dental health will be ongoing for many years to come. A healthy diet, great oral care, and visits to the family dentist are just a few of the things you can do to ensure your child’s dental health.

Baby teeth usually begin to erupt between three and six months of age. Your little one will have twenty primary teeth with permanent teeth beginning to descend around age six or seven. Care should include:

Infancy – Wipe baby’s teeth with a soft cloth until they are old enough to sit up and let you brush their teeth.

Toddler – You will help your toddler brush using an age appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste. Do not use fluoridated toothpaste until your child has mastered the ability to spit toothpaste out.

Baby bottle – You should never put your baby to bed for nap or nighttime with a baby bottle containing formula, milk, or juice. The only thing your child should be consuming in a bottle at these times is water. The reason is that the sugar in beverages can linger in your child’s mouth for hours allowing plaque to form and build on tiny teeth. Plaque can result in decay, and baby teeth can get cavities.

Dental visit – Your child should see the family dentist at around the age of twelve months. This first visit will include an exam to make sure your child’s dental health is progressing correctly. This is also a perfect opportunity for caregivers to ask questions to learn what they can do to help their child maintain excellent oral health as they grow.

Supervision – Caregivers will need to brush their child’s teeth for them until they are coordinated enough to brush on their own. It is important to watch your child brush to make sure it is done correctly; it is not enough just to remind your child to brush … you need to monitor this closely.

Flossing – Teach your child to floss early and they hopefully will make this a habit for life. Since brushing only reaches two thirds of the teeth’s surface, flossing is needed to clean areas the toothbrush misses.

Dental care should start early and be maintained regularly to help ensure great long term oral health.

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