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Teeth whitening treatments are used to improve the color of a person’s teeth. White teeth represent a major component of any beautiful smile. As a result, it’s no wonder that millions of people seek out ways of whitening their teeth through professional teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

Tooth discoloration often occurs naturally with aging. As a person’s tooth enamel slowly wears down, it becomes thinner and increasingly transparent. This exposes more of the tooth’s inner dentin material. This material is prone to staining, and it often becomes yellow in color. When this material becomes visible through the outer surface, the tooth as a whole appears discolored. In order to truly improve the coloring of teeth, it is necessary to attack both the interior and exterior staining that causes discolorations. The best way to accomplish this is with professional whitening treatments.

When providing treatment with Zoom! Whitening Gel, we start by covering the patient’s gums and lips. This will protect these areas during the procedure and only leave their teeth exposed. We will apply the Zoom! product over the teeth and then activate the substance using light from a chairside lamp. Once the gel has been activated, it will begin producing oxygen ions that will start whitening teeth from the inside out. The patient will be kept comfortable throughout the entire process which usually takes about 45 minutes to complete. Their teeth will be noticeably whiter immediately following the procedure.

There are a couple of things that a patient can do in order to help maintain their brightened smile. The most important thing is to keep up with positive oral hygiene habits. These habits include brushing and flossing and receiving complete dental checkups every six months. It is also recommended that the patient avoids using tobacco products.

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Review from Christine D.
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Five stars

Christine D.

Great dentist office. I have been coming here for years! They have a great team of dentists, hygienists and office staff who treat you well. They care for your teeth and recommend only things that will help you keep your teeth lasting their longest. They do not try to sell you extras that you may not want or need. They book up fast but in an emergency they are there for me. Thanks Allen Dental!
Review from Andrea B.
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Five stars

Andrea B.

I’ve never enjoyed going to the dentist until I went to Allen Dental Center. Dr. Jeff Williams is an amazing doctor and Brittany is my favorite dental hygienist ever!! Everyone treats you like family. Would highly recommend them to everyone!
Review from John M.
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Five stars

John M.

Allen Dental Center was highly recommended by one of my colleagues. I was very satisfied with the care and service provided. Their office is clean, staff is friendly and helpful, the techs and dentists are thorough and professional. I have already scheduled my next visit!
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