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Pediatric dentistry for children and teens is very important to us at Allen Dental Center. We know that achieving a lifetime of great oral health starts by receiving top-quality dental care services at an early age. Children who make regular dental visits when they are young are more likely to maintain desirable dental health for a lifetime. Additionally, having to overcome oral health challenges caused by a lack of dental care early can be very difficult. The best bet is to put your child on the right track for great oral health early and help them maintain that path into their adult years.

Pediatric Dental Care in Allen

Our experts encourage parents to start bringing their children in for regular dental visits shortly after their first teeth begin to emerge. Parents should keep an eye out for this between the ages of six months and one year. Our knowledgeable team can provide all of the resources and information needed for parents during this stage. It has also been proven that children who become more familiar with visiting a dentist early in life are less likely to experience any anxiety when receiving dental visits in their adult years. Our team will work to keep your child’s teeth healthy all throughout their childhood and teen years.

Not only do we provide excellent dental treatment for children and teens, we also do everything possible to help our younger patients feel calm and relaxed during their visit. Our patient rooms have flat-screen TVs so that your child can enjoy themselves while we look at their teeth. We can also offer wireless headphones and music if they would prefer that. If your child feels nervous or anxious, we can offer pillows and blankets for comfort. And parents always appreciate our family scheduling options that make it easy to set up visits.
We offer the following pediatric dental services at our practice:


Dental sealants provide an effective barrier for a child’s molars against any harmful bacteria and acids that could otherwise cause harm. They are painless and quick to apply, and they provide the added benefit of making teeth easier to brush.

Fluoride Applications

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that offers proven benefits for teeth. When applied directly to teeth, the substance will remineralize a child’s tooth enamel and can even reverse the early effects of tooth decay. Young children can benefit greatly from fluoride applications since the substance can incorporate itself into the development structure of teeth. Doing this will strengthen the child’s teeth and make it less likely for them to experience any deterioration or decay later on.


We provide tooth-colored composite fillings for children who have developed cavities or other types of minor tooth decay. A filling will seal off any voids so that harmful materials cannot access its inner structure. Our tooth-colored fillings are extremely safe for patients of all ages, and they offer a natural appearance.

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dental treatments are for those unexpected moments in life when a child requires a restoration on short notice. A chipped, cracked or lost tooth can have serious consequences both to your child’s appearance and their overall oral health. Our team takes great pride in offering top-quality emergency treatments for children so that they can recover their beautiful smiles.

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Review from Christine D.
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Five stars

Christine D.

Great dentist office. I have been coming here for years! They have a great team of dentists, hygienists and office staff who treat you well. They care for your teeth and recommend only things that will help you keep your teeth lasting their longest. They do not try to sell you extras that you may not want or need. They book up fast but in an emergency they are there for me. Thanks Allen Dental!
Review from Andrea B.
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Five stars

Andrea B.

I’ve never enjoyed going to the dentist until I went to Allen Dental Center. Dr. Jeff Williams is an amazing doctor and Brittany is my favorite dental hygienist ever!! Everyone treats you like family. Would highly recommend them to everyone!
Review from John M.
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Five stars

John M.

Allen Dental Center was highly recommended by one of my colleagues. I was very satisfied with the care and service provided. Their office is clean, staff is friendly and helpful, the techs and dentists are thorough and professional. I have already scheduled my next visit!
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