What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

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bigstock-Happy-young-family-having-fun-121630676-small-300x205Facial injuries are fairly common, and can often lead to damage to the teeth or gums. If you experience a dental emergency, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage or loss of a tooth.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Dental or facial injuries can occur under a number of circumstances, so you should be ready to respond when they happen. Common causes include falls, vehicle accidents, and contact sports. Small children are particularly prone to facial injuries while they’re learning to walk, as it’s easy for them to fall.

Some injuries to the mouth, face, or teeth can be dealt with as soon as possible, rather than immediately. In the case of a dental emergency, though, you should see your dentist right away. An immediate trip to the doctor or dentist is the best course of action when:

  • There is a great deal of bleeding
  • You suspect broken facial or jaw bones
  • One or more teeth have been knocked out
  • A facial injury is followed by unconsciousness or concussion symptoms

Serious dental emergencies could require stitches, surgery, or other treatment to repair broken bones or to close lacerations and stop bleeding. If you’ve lost a tooth, try to recover it and bring it with you. Your dentist might be able to save it if you see him as soon as possible.

Being Prepared for a Dental Emergency

To be sure you’re always prepared in the case of a dental emergency, you should keep a dental first aid kit on hand alongside your regular first aid kit. The kit should include:

  • A cup to carry a knocked-out tooth (to be filled with water or milk)
  • Gauze to control bleeding
  • Toothpaste or dental adhesive for loose crowns or fillings
  • Mouthwash to disinfect wounds in the mouth
  • Contact information for your emergency dentist

Having these items ready and waiting in case of an injury to the mouth, face, or teeth can ensure the best possible outcome for any dental emergency.

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