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Allen Dental Center

Over 50 Years of Experience

A visit to Allen Dental Center is like visiting with good friends. We deliver full-service, family-friendly dental care in a warm, contemporary environment.

Our comprehensive array of services includes Invisalign clear aligners, dental implant placement and restoration, cosmetic dentistry, sedation and snoring, and sleep apnea therapy.

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Our Family Serving Your Family

Dentistry in Allen, TX, for smiles of all ages.

We approach dentistry with a commitment to quality and a dedication to treating every patient as we want to be treated.

The professional team at Allen Dental Center is like a family. We genuinely care about taking care of our patients, and we are able to provide them with virtually any dental procedure right here in our office.

You can be confident you will receive the highest quality care from our knowledgeable, experienced, and gentle dentists.


From routine dental exams and teeth cleanings to advanced treatment for complex dental problems, we are your oral health resource in Allen, TX.

Our dental care team is committed to providing solutions for your needs with a personal approach.


Meet Our Allen Dentists

A Commitment to excellence in dentistry.

Patient-focused dental care.

Dr. Brad Wyatt

My career in dentistry began when I joined the service after high school as a lab technician. It didn’t take long to figure that I wanted to interact directly with and help people. I attended dental school at OHSU in Portland, Oregon after finishing undergraduate training at Boise State

Dr. Brad Wyatt
Dr. Brad Wyatt

Dr. Josh Williams

I’m a third generation dentist. Having attended Texas A & M and Dallas Baptist University for my undergraduate studies, I earned my Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry.

Dr. Josh Williams
Dr. Josh Williams

Dr. Max Cook

I’m a proud lifelong Dallas-Ft. Worth resident and ecstatic to be serving the area I have always called home. After receiving my Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry, I attended Texas A&M College of Dentistry in Dallas, TX.

Dr. Max Cook
Dr. Max Cook
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Join our dental care family in Allen, TX.

Ever wonder if there’s an effective mouthwash that also tastes good? 

Therasol is a low alcohol, professional strength oral irrigation agent and mouth rinse! 
Despite its strong antimicrobial properties, therasol has a very pleasant taste, that is free of the “harsh after-burn”. It’s highly substantive, maintaining its presence in vitro for up to 6 hours. Therasol has many beneficial uses and hygienists often recommend it to their patients. 🪥

It can only be purchased online at your dentist’s office. 

Ask your hygienist about therasol at your next dental visit! 🤩
Shout out to our front desk team for all the hard work that they do, keeping us on schedule and making our patients happy. You ladies ROCK!
This Memorial Day, we honor and remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country.
Summer is usually the best time for students to have their wisdom teeth removed! 

We provide the treatment for third molar removal in our office, along side a great team of anesthesiologists! 

Give us a call to schedule. 
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