Dental Implants Allen, TX

Our dental implant or oral surgery options can benefit patients with complex dental health concerns and missing teeth in Allen, TX. Dental implants and implant-secured dentures are excellent replacements for teeth. Our office can provide complete care for replacing missing teeth under one roof, including comprehensive implant dentistry. 

Dental implants can offer key benefits for your dental health and overall quality of life. They can be placed to replace a single missing tooth or to secure a bridge or denture when several or a full arch of teeth are lost. Allen Dental Center is your resource in Allen, TX, for restoring your smile after trauma, advanced disease, or tooth loss. Our dental care team has the experience and expertise to place all types of dental implants. 

Dental Implants in Allen, Texas

Why Choose Dental Implants?

When making a choice on treatment options for tooth replacement, our dental care team will take the time to discuss all appropriate options. In most cases, we will recommend the use of dental implants. Dental implants are considered the “gold standard” of tooth replacement and provide the most natural-looking and functioning outcomes for patients. 

Implant dentistry offers several significant benefits to consider when choosing a tooth replacement option: 

  • Reduced bone loss in the jaw: the implanted titanium post acts as a prosthetic tooth root and supports the growth and stability of healthy bone tissue where the natural root and tooth were lost. Without the use of a dental implant, bone tissue will decrease in the jaw where a tooth or teeth were lost and change the appearance of your smile over time.
  • Natural chewing ability: a dental implant is a secure new tooth that will enable you to bite and chew naturally without the concern of damaging or losing a removable appliance.
  • Confident speech: restoring your smile with dental implants can also give you the ability to speak clearly and confidently after tooth loss or an ill-fitted denture.
  • Improved gum health: traditional, removable bridges and dentures could irritate the gums over time, often leading to discomfort and the potential for infection. Stable and secure, a dental implant or implant denture can stabilize gum health and minimize irritation or gum disease concerns. 

Single Tooth Implants

A single missing or lost tooth can often be replaced with a dental implant. The placement of a single dental implant is typically a straightforward process that will restore natural function and aesthetics to your smile. Once in place, a dental implant supports your natural bite and the structure of your jaw. 

Implant Dentures

If you are looking for an upper or lower full-arch replacement, implant dentures provide a stable and natural-feeling solution. Allen Dental Center offers complete dental care for treatment planning and the placement of an implant-secured denture. We will work with you to determine the appropriate number of dental implants needed for a stable result.

The All On “X” process starts with 3-D imaging to evaluate your oral structure when planning the placement of implants. With advanced technology and thorough treatment planning, we can prepare the site(s), place implants, and secure a temporary hybrid denture in one visit. 

If you have been suffering from lost teeth or a poorly fitted denture, we can provide a permanent new smile with an implant-supported denture. 

Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts

If you are missing teeth or have had bone loss in your jaw bone, grafting is often the best solution to improve stability in the jaw for placing implants. Our dentists can provide oral surgical solutions when there are concerns about bone loss in the upper or lower jaw. Bone grafting and sinus lifts can improve the supporting structure for placing an implant and a more stable, successful result. 

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