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    Allen Dental Center provides treatment for excessive snoring and sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy – a non-invasive and comfortable treatment option. Excessive snoring can affect the quality of one’s rest and those around them while sleep apnea is a condition that literally robs a patient of achieving deep, rejuvenating sleep. Since we sleep for about one-third of our lives, it is important to strive for quality rest that revives our bodies and minds.

    Symptoms of Sleep Apnea and Excessive Snoring

    Since snoring and sleep apnea occur when we are at rest, they often go unnoticed until someone else points out the symptoms. Common symptoms one can detect, however, including waking with dry mouth and headaches as well as feeling tired even after a full night of sleep. Causing sleep deprivation, episodes of apnea will affect one’s ability to think clearly and may even cause mood disturbances such as depression and temperamental behavior.

    Risk Factors for Sleep Apnea

    Certain factors can put a person at increased risk for sleep apnea. Those who are overweight are likely to develop bulky throat tissue that can block the airway when one lies down to sleep. Patients who drink alcoholic beverages before bed or take medications that cause sedating or drowsy effects can also cause soft oral tissue to relax into the throat and block airways. Other contributors to sleep apnea can include developmental abnormalities at the back of the mouth, smoking, and a family history of sleep apnea.

    Sleep Apnea and Health

    Research shows strong correlations between sleep apnea and other health issues – especially issues related to sleep deprivation. Long-term sleep deprivation can cause chronic fatigue, memory loss, impaired motor function, depression, and irritability. Studies have also shown that erratic breathing patterns caused by sleep apnea can weaken the heart and negatively affect the pulmonary system.

    Treatment Options

    There are a few treatment options available for sleep apnea. After a sleep study has confirmed that apnea is present, patients can consult with a professional for treatment. Our practice provides take home sleep tests that allows for sleep studies to be conducted conveniently at home. If sleep apnea is detected, we will recommend the use of a custom oral appliance, which is the most comfortable and conservative treatment option. If this treatment is ineffective, we can refer patients to specialists for further evaluation.

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    “I have been using Allen Dental for 20+ years. They have the friendliest, knowledgeable and professional staff. They make you feel like family. They are always updating and offering the latest new technologies so you have access to Best Treatment Options. Dr. Jeff & Dr. Steve always take the time to explane every procedure and or options in easy to understand language. I do not have kids but was so impressed to hear how they interact with kids who were being treated in the rooms next to mine. Family friendly professional services. They have earned my trust for life.”

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    “I’ve been going to Allen Dental for eighteen years and have bragged on them for just as long, which is why it shocks me that I haven’t written a review for them! They are such a caring, wonderful, committed group of dentists (two brothers + one additional dentist) and hygienists and other employees! There are people out in the world who will try and take advantage of people and I am so happy to say that I have never been told I needed something here that I didn’t need. They are honest, and make EVERY SINGLE VISIT a pleasure. I also love their office and the fact that all the chairs face a little garden spot so you have something pleasant to look at. That plus all of the amazing staff and it’s the only dentist I ever want to go to the rest of my life!”

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    Common Questions

    Snoring frequently accompanies sleep apnea but it is not always an indicator of whether this sleep condition is present. However, snoring can indicate that bulky throat tissue could potentially obstruct airways – especially if patients have certain lifestyle factors that contribute to sleep apnea. Fortunately, the treatment we offer for sleep apnea and snoring is the same. By prescribing a custom oral appliance, the diameter of the airway can be widened to prevent the sounds of snoring as well as episodes of apnea. These oral appliances are soft and comfortable to wear. They work by positioning the lower jaw slightly forward so that the airway is no longer obstructed.
    Anyone of any age can have sleep apnea. Even though snoring can accompany sleep apnea, it is not always a symptom of this sleep disorder. For this reason, it is important to have a sleep study conducted to determine if apnea is occurring. Our practice provides take-home sleep study machinery to detect episodes of apnea during sleep. After usage, the device will be returned to our practice and we will analyze the data collected. If we find that sleep apnea is present or determine if snoring is obstructing one’s quality of life, we will provide treatment recommendations.
    There have been numerous studies conducted to determine what health risks are associated with sleep apnea. Research has shown correlations between a variety of health conditions and sleep apnea – including cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. In addition to these risks, sleep apnea itself results in sleep deprivation, which presents a number of health and quality of life problems. Sleep deprivation affects the organs’ abilities to rejuvenate during rest and with time, a lack of sleep will affect cognitive and motor function. Moreover, sleep deprivation disturbs one’s mood, causing irritability and depression.
    Sleep apnea can go away on its own if certain lifestyle conditions like drinking alcohol before bed or using sedatives cease. Sometimes, patients can have apnea induced by weight gain, so if one was to lose weight, they may no longer have issues with breathing during rest. For the most part, however, prolonged sleep apnea does not go away on its own. This is why receiving treatment is beneficial -especially since this sleep disorder literally robs a person from receiving proper rest.
    Oral appliance therapy is a treatment protocol for sleep apnea and excessive snoring. Instead of using bulky respiratory machinery or surgical alterations to oral tissue, custom appliances are worn inside the mouth similar to a mouth guard. These appliances are designed to hold the lower mandible (jaw) slightly forward to increase the size of the airway during sleep, thus preventing blockage. An oral appliance is beneficial because it is easy to travel with and comfortable. Although oral appliance therapy is not right for every patient, it does offer relief for many.

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